Great Weekend!

Our weekend started out with a baby shower for Brecken and me thrown by my fabulous teacher friends in Bloomington! We met at Fuddrucker’s and shared a lot of laughs while catching up and fawning over cute babies 🙂 It was soooooooo good to see everyone as I have missed them terribly. Thanks again ladies, for an awesome night!!!

I have to show off this cute card that Kay made for Brecken. She spelled out his name using dominoes, cars, blocks, crayons, etc. Isn’t this adorable??
On Saturday, we met friends for breakfast and Brecken got to meet a new friend, Kolton, that was born 2 weeks after him. That night, we went to a surprise party for Kolton’s daddy and Brecken had his first slumber party! While the adults were downstairs socializing, Brecken and Kolton had a little slumber party in Kolton’s room. Us moms were very impressed that both boys went to sleep at the same time without any tears…. Brecken did want to have some pillow talk so we heard them “chatting” for a few minutes and then they slept until we put B in his car seat. I unfortunately didn’t have my camera so am waiting for some pictures from Kolton’s mommy.

On Sunday we went to the Minnetonka Apple Orchard. While I had been excited about going, Eric was less than thrilled….. And unfortunately Brecken was either hungry or sleeping the whole time 🙁 Either way, here are a few pictures….
Brecken sleeping in the apple orchard….
Daddy and Brecken in the orchard….
Brecken trying an apple…..
Getting a lick….

And not really loving the taste….

Brecken seemed more excited about the pumpkins than the apples….

After all the rain we’ve been getting, I didn’t want to let Brecken stand and get his socks all muddy so this “growth chart” isn’t completely accurate…..
Brecken looks happy, right?
Again, happy face?
Daddy and Brecken on the Courland Choo Choo…

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