2019 Ugly Sweater Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in our annual Ugly Sweater Contest. This was the year of upsets as both our reigning champions fell to others this year.

Adult Ugly Sweater Competition

Knocking out Jerry, the reigning champ of 3 straight years, is Eric! 

Annoying “fun” fact from April: Eric did NOTHING to prep for this. In fact, he didn’t even know what his shirt looked like until 5 minutes before when April pulled it out for him to throw on. (Insert April’s eye rolls.)


Kids’ Ugly Sweater Competition

Taking the crown by a slim margin (and edging her brother out, snicker, snicker) is Madiana! Brecken has secured the win the last three years, so it was time to pass the trophy along. Note:He is NOT happy about sharing the title with his sister. Madiana’s outfit is very fitting as she created it herself and proudly displays her favorite sport.


Congrats to each of our 2019 winners!

Now on to some most popular mentions:

Cutest Ugly Sweater winners, by popular comment went to Gretchen (in the kids’ category) and Steph (in the adult’s category):


Best use of scenery and additional props by popular comment is Aaron. He also earned “Best Adult Film Actor.”:)


Best Teen Choice Award by popular comment is Emma.


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