2020 Ugly Sweater Contest

Better late than never. Statement seems all too fitting for 2020 right?

I thought I had a victory in the bag this year due to my quarantine hair, but Jerry pulled a fast one on me with his iconic pose by our RV. Who knew our winter RV storage could hand me an Ugly Sweater loss? Hats off to you Jerry. Other submissions include one Santa sleigh (a.k.a. Lainey Clause) and two very cute girls who dressed up festive for their last day of distance learning classes before winter break. Brecken and April technically didn’t get their submissions in by the 12/25 deadline, but we’ll let it slide.

Enjoy the photos below and feel free to cast a vote for whichever entry made you smile most. Happy Holidays from the Gott/ Walkers.

Look through the pictures below, then cast your vote using the Google Form at the bottom of the page.

For the record, Brecken would like proof that he DID in fact meander up off the couch to pose for a photo. Evidence is below, so keep “compliant tween” in your thoughts while voting:

If the form above doesn’t display use the link below to goto the voting site.

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