Brother’s sweet message to his Sister

It seems like Brecken and Madiana always fight with each other about one thing or another.  One is always tattling on the other about something that was said or done.  However, there are those few instances where both can be so sweet to each other it makes you stop and ask… Where are these kids every other day??

Brecken was outside playing basketball for some time today when I came out to check on him. It was then that I noticed he wasn’t playing basketball, but writing a message on the ground to his sister that read:


Brecken's Message to his Sister Madiana

Brecken’s Message to his Sister Madiana


I love you Madiana.  These are the things I like doing with you.  Playing with you, doing sports with you, and when you help me when I am hurt that lets me know that you are my friend!

– Your Friend Brecken Walker!!!

Brecken needed to make two starting points as Madiana could have come out to look at it from the garage door or the front door.  So he proceeded to write a note saying Madiana follow the -> from each place.  Once he went inside to tell her to come outside to see something, she came out and I think was speechless the whole time but looking at her bother with a shy face.  The whole thing was really sweet to see and at moments when the kids are their best you are reminded of the joys of parenting and that you are doing something right.



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