Weekend with Dad

Every weekend is always a good weekend in the Gott-Walker household as it is time that we can rest/recharge from the week and actually spend some time with our kids.  It seems to often the weekdays fly by because there is activities, work, school and some other commitment that comes up.  So when the weekend comes we really try to buckle down and enjoy family time.   However, this weekend April was down in Iowa for her annual Do it for Diana weekend so that meant I got to wrangle the kids solo for the weekend as April does way more than me.

I didn’t really have anything specific planned but lots of ideas floating in my mind but wanted to see what the kids thoughts were and overall it turned out to be really good.  We started off early morning Saturday with Gretchen and I eating Breakfast.  However, once the big kids woke up and everyone got some time to relax we decided to head to the Eden Prairie play place where they could climb and run around.  Then Saturday night we spent by Uncle Matt, Aunt Jill, Michael, Julia, and James.  The kids had a blast with their cousins and I am glad that everyone gets together well.

Sunday morning Brecken begged me to go to the US Pond Hockey Tournament, which normally we have been going every year to watch.  However, since the time change I wasn’t 100% sure about taking all the kids there.  However, since it is something I like watching to I figured what was the worst thing that could happen minus us falling through the ice (just kidding April it is completely safe).  The kids seemed to have fun but then it was approaching lunch time and Gretchen was starting to get tired of sitting and wanted to walk on the ice which I wasn’t as comfortable with as I didn’t want her to fall.  So we packed back up and headed towards home, when then I got the crazy idea we should just go get groceries before we actually go home.  That ended up being ok because Gretchen was just in a daze and well the big kids got free cookies.

Gretchen laid down for a nap while the big kids worked on their valentines day cards.  After Gretchen woke up she still remembered how she would like to walk around on the ice so I got everyone dressed to go skate in the backyard.  Which was a perfect way to end the weekend.

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