2015 Fall Skating Class Recap

This fall we signed both of the big kids, Brecken and Madiana up for skating lessons.  Since we for sure were going to flood our backyard again we wanted to make sure the kids would continue to be interested when the time comes for outside fun.

Below is a collection of photos and videos from lessons this past fall.


Here is a video of Madiana doing the Penguins walk across the ice at one of her first lessons.

Madiana doing some spins on the ice.

During the Halloween free skate, Madiana finally decided she had to ditch the horsy costume as the legs were dragging and tripping her.

This is a video from one of the last couple of classes and you can really see how much Madiana has improved.  She is really moving around on the ice now.

Brecken really made some great progress in his skating class as well. As you can see he is really moving more comfortably on the ice as well as trying to stake with one leg up before trying to touch his toes.

At the final lesson for both kids I decided to take one more video of each.


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