2015 Thanksgiving

This year for Thanksgiving due to illnesses we were only able to see one side of our family this year.  However, it just so happened that the entire Cloutier clan showed up this year, so all 37 of them to my parents house for Thanksgiving.

For me it was really fun to have us “Cloutier cousins” get together again and watch how all of our kids played together as we all once did long ago.  Brought back very fond memories of playing downstairs in Grandma Cloutier basement every Thanksgiving growing up.

When I asked Brecken and Madaiana what they liked about this was exactly what they said:

“Playing Ping-Pong and seeing my family.” – Brecken


“Spending time with new friends.” – Madiana

I did question Madiana on the “friends” comment and asked if she really meant family but she was very adamant that she liked spending time with new friends.  So I will assume that is good for everyone.

As for Gretchen and her current avoidance of dairy she didn’t really get to enjoy a lot of the Thanksgiving treats but I think she enjoyed meeting and seeing everyone.

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