2015 Eden Prairie Color Run

  Tutus…. Check.  Bandanas… Check.  White shirts… Check.  We are ready!
  At the starting line.  Note:  We started in DEAD LAST position.  No one was behind us 🙂

  Brecken is ready.
  Madiana is ready.

  Gretchen is ready.
  Little lady is running her little heart out, completely (unaware and) happy to be bringing up the rear.

  Color station #1:  Red
  Madiana LOVED the color stations and getting blasted with colors!  Also note, we managed to pass a few people and are no longer in last place!  Brecken took great pride in this 🙂

  By the time we got to the purple station, Brecken had resorted to wearing his face mask.  Madiana had resorted to going through the stations with her mouth wide open, smiling and shrieking the whole way through the blast 🙂
  Run family, run.  Getting ready to start our second loop around the lake!

  Loving life!
  We threw in some swim toys at the last minute so Gretchen would have things to entertain her along the 3.2 mile route.  It ended up providing extra entertainment (a.k.a challenges) for mommy, as Gretchen dropped the rings every few feet and then mommy got to bend over to pick them up.  Gretchen loved the game of cat and mouse….. April is extra sore this morning.

  Color station:  Green
  Color station:  Green

  Color station:  Green
  Color station:  Green

  Color station:  Green
  Color station:  Green

  Color station:  Green

  Our little racers got a medal for completing their 3.2 mile run.  So proud of them!

  The Walkers after completing the 3.2 mile color run.  Here we are in front of the #BeMoreSyd color station in honor of EP high schooler Sydney Gallegher.

  The final event:  The Color Throw

  Gretchen loves colors!

  The final event:  The Color Throw
  Race volunteers gave the kids a few balloons afterwards, which means that was the highlight of their day.

  Brecken was quite proud of his blue hair.
 Our first family color run is in the books!

We found this video online of the color throw…. You can see our little family at the end!


Family fun photos aside, this photo best describes the color run for Brecken:  “We have to run faster…. We’re in LAST place.  I’m tired, I can’t run.  I want to run.  I want in the wagon.  I want out of the wagon.  We’re in last place.  We’re going too slow.  We’re going too fast.  It’s in my eyes.  I got too much color.  I didn’t get enough color.”  He cried approximately 8,000 times throughout the course.  While I’m normally an exaggerator, this is a conservative estimate.  I’m not sure whose idea it was to take a sensory kid with anxiety to a color run, but……….. He cried, mommy cursed, we somehow survived (but barely).

IMG_1187 (1)


Here are some of the pictures that were taken at the event by the event volunteers.  They captured a couple really good pictures of us running through some of the stations.

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