Gott Family Ugly Sweater Contest 2014

It’s that time again…. The second annual Gott Family Christmas Ugly Sweater Contest!  A little late this year, but trying to find a time for 12 people living in 3 different states to get together proved to be more difficult than normal.  Alas, here we are!

You’re welcome for allowing you all to step back into the holiday spirit on an otherwise sunny spring evening!

Long before it was cool, Mom was rocking the ugly sweater look (Shhhhhhh!!  She would have NEVER classified this beauty as such!).  We all wish she were here to take part in the festivities, but are glad we get to look towards her outdated closet as inspiration 🙂

Jerry and Diana

Jerry and Diana

There will be no categories this year – So vote for the ONE entry that you would like to see crowned victorious!


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