Brecken’s First Book

Page 1 (Cover Page)

(Cover Page) – Brecken and Madiana are Lost

Page 2

Page 2 – I like Mom to lay on beds

Page 3

Page 3 – I like mom to lay on the bed with the dogs

Page 4

Page 4 – I like mom to lay (She is having surgery)

Page 5

Page 5 – I like mom to stand (If she sat down she would have been able to see us).

Page 6

Page 6 – I like Mom to not look at me (Because she was in the Laundry room peaking out. The lines are showing how much stuff we have in the Laundry room).

Page 7

Page 7 – I like Mom, Wake up. Because in the mornings she sleeps extra long.

Page 8

Page 8 – I like Mom to lay with the Dogs. (Mommy is hiding under the covers, so that is why you don’t see her. The dogs are on top.)

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