First MN Wild game of the 2015 Season

We are very fortunate that Uncle Roger has season tickets to the Minnesota Wild and there is a number of games he can never make in a given season.  It happened perfectly for us this past weekend that he had some extra tickets and we didn’t have anything going on.  It was probably going to be the only game this season that the whole family would go to as well before the baby is born.

The kids had a great time and for once we didn’t have to chase them around or keep telling them to sit in their seats.  They were very captivated by watching the game and it probably helped that overall the Wild won 4-3.

from Instagram:

Kids are super excited on the 2-1 lead at the end of the first #mnwild

When asked here is what the kids had to say about the game:
 “I love that there was a shoot out (Penalty shot) at the beginning of the game.  And the Wild won 4-3, with a player breaking his stick at the end of the game trying to score 5!”- Brecken
 “I liked the Zamboni cleaning the Ice.” – Madiana
Here are some more pictures from the night.
 We stayed for the entire game, however if you ask Madiana she will tell you she didn’t see the entire game.  Unfortunately, she told us she had to go potty during the last 2 min of play and by the time April and her got out of the bathroom the horn sounded for the end of the game.  We did stick around to see the players come off the benches as well as watching Nordy walk around the ice waving the Wild flag.  April and I thought for sure the kids would be asleep in no time on the drive home but we were very wrong.  The whole ride home they kept talking about various parts of the game and how much fun they had (again Madiana reminded us she didn’t see the whole game and we needed to go again).
By the time we got home it was after 10:30 (picture proof below), and we weren’t sure how bedtime was going to go until the kids laid down, then they were out in no time.


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