Apple Orchard

Even though things have been busy at the Walker household the last few weeks with Kindergarten, Daycare, work school (as Brecken and Madiana call it for April), work, and getting ready for Number 3.  However, we decided it was time to venture out this past weekend to the Apple Orchard as we have for the past 4 years.  However, this year we went to LuceLine Orchard instead of the Minnetonka Orchards as we have in the past and the kids seem to have just as much fun as always.

There was lots to do at the Orchard besides just picking Apples and eating lunch there.  The kids got chased by a pig, played in the hay, played in the corn, fed some cows, and took a train ride.  I could try to explain in more detail how the day went but I think the pictures below do more justice.

Here is what Brecken and Madiana had to say about the day (note all of our quotes are unedited).

“Riding on the Train ride and going poop 11 times.” – Brecken

“Train ride” – Madiana

Brecken and Madiana running down the hill at the Apple Orchard

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