First day of Kindgarten

Today is the day we can mark in the books for our oldest, Brecken to start Kindergarten.  Last night he told us he was very excited but also very nervous.  As I was doing some other things downstairs I overheard him and April talking about starting school and it went something like this:

April: I am a little nervous too for my first day of school? Brecken: No you couldn’t be nervous cuz you’ve been there like 100 days and my school is brand new.

Here are a couple of photos we took outside of his school. IMG_2423


Standing outside the front of his school

Dropping Brecken off at school today was crazy with the amount of people/kids running all over the place.  We got there a couple minutes early and found some friends of his from Kindercare to talk to.  Then once the bell rang we walked to his teachers room (he lead the way).  When we got into the classroom he went right to his locker to dropoff his bag like he had been doing it for years.  Then he gave me a hug and said he was then nervous to ride the bus home.  I told him not to worry and I would be waiting at the bus stop.  To which he replied, “I think that is a great idea Daddy.”  I told him to look at the SmartBoard and see if he could find his name.  He looked around and sure enough as he was pointing to his name the teacher reminded the kids not to touch the SmartBoard.  Great job getting him in trouble on his first day Dad.  After I watched him sit down and pick out a book and I decided it was time to exit stage left.

April was able to make it home from school in time to greet Brecken at the bus as well.  So when he walked down the steps he was so excited to see the both of us and it sounded/seemed like he had a great first day of school.  Let’s hope day 2 goes just as well.

Here is a slide show of the photos I took during the day.

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