Walker’s Wiff Results

Guest post from by my brother Matt Walker as he did a great job with the email about our participation as a family in the Big Wiff. 

Most of you have probably seen the results on Facebook. For those “non-Facebook” users:

The Little Walker’s had a great day, except in the Win / Loss columns 🙁 We progressively got better on defense, too bad our offense never showed up. The kids hit the ball really well, the adults “Wiffed” 🙂 Probably the biggest disappointment to the day was not winning the costume contest. We didn’t have a “costume” perse, but our uniforms and line-up grabbed everyone’s attention.

Little Walker Results:

L 6-0
L 2-0
L 1-0

Finished last in our pool play, so we played the top seed in the bracket and…….


We had a lot of FUN, and raised some money for a good cause. Thanks for your support!!!!

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