Keokuk County Expo and Figure 8 Racing

Nothing quite says hometown/small town like spending your Friday and Saturday night at the County Expo.  However, we couldn’t have picked a better time to be outside as the temps stayed cool enough that even the afternoon/evening sun wasn’t to bad while watching the events.

On Friday night we ended up heading to the Expo and walking around looking at the animals and various exhibits.  After that we stayed and watched a band play which the kids found fun (especially the snacks we packed.

On Saturday, we hung out around the Farm most of the day and more family showed up as well.  The kids played outside most of the day by the pond where we tried to fish, and they also got to ride around on the Tractors and 4 Wheeler.  Papa was brave as well to let the older kids Drive around the Lawn Tractor by themselves.

Saturday late afternoon/ early evening we loaded everyone up and headed back to the County Expo where Figure 8 Racing was going to take place that night.  We decided to head that way early to let the kids play in the water park that was setup.  Before the races started the kids and I were able to ride on the back of one of the Cars.  It was a late night for everyone but it seemed as though the kids had a great time.


Papa Gott and Madiana


Brecken and Madiana waiting for the concert to start


Madiana showing off her balloon flower


Madiana having fun at the Fair


Brecken having fun at the Fair


Brecken, Madiana, and Eric riding on the back of a Figure 8 Car


Full Family Photo

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