Vacation Road Trip to Iowa City

Yesterday we decided to take the kids to Iowa City to the Children’s Museum. We have decided that there would be no alarms for any day of vacation as we really didn’t have much planned except that we wanted to do a couple things during the week. We got on the road by around 9am and headed for our first stop at the Kalona Cheese Factory. The kids enjoyed all the free samples at the store but really in the end I think it was Adpril that enjoyed this stop the most. We actually left with only 2 bags of various cheeses which included 4lbs of Cheese Curds.


Next stop was the Children’s Museum where the kids couldn’t get enough of it.

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We finally had to end our time at the Children’s Museum because some people started to get really hungry (i.e. my pregnant wife). We decided to head to Steak and Shake for a late lunch. April and I used to eat at the one in Cedar Falls all the time in college. We of course had to bring back memories by getting our normal Frisco Melt with Cheese Fries.  YUM!


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After Steak and Shake our intentions were that we would go back to the Children’s Museum but it was 2pm in the afternoon and the team was getting tired.  So what better way to wake everyone up than head to Scratch Cupcakery.


After that we decided to call it a day in Iowa City and head back to Ollie.  We had a great day and decided that we would go back on Thursday as we only saw such a small part of the Children’s Museum and the kids really wanted to have more time there.

When asked the kids said the following about what the best part of the day was:

“Going to the Cupcake store!!” – Brecken

“I liked the Museum… I liked to play, play.” – Madiana





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