Iowa Vacation 2014

Yes you read the title right, we are vacationing in Iowa this year.   As odd as it sounds, it will be a good change from the last couple of years when we have been traveling all over with our kids. Not that those vacations weren’t fun but sometimes traveling with kids isn’t as relaxing as you would hope. So this year we decided to go back to Iowa to spend a week on Papa Gott’s farm. The kids loved the idea! Also, we hope it will pay off in the long run by taking it a little easier and ensuring a full term pregnancy for our new addition as well.

Brecken and Madiana were excited to jump in the van and ready for our road trip to begin.


This isn’t normally how they travel but don’t they look like great little travelers?  Catching up on their Highlights magazine and diligently working on brain puzzles.  If only it was really this way for the whole 5 hours…


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