Who doesn’t like a Carnival

As you know Brecken will be going to Kindergarten next year which will be a big change for the whole family.  Now we will have 2 drop-offs in the morning and it will be interesting to see how little sister does at daycare by herself.  However, as part of the Kindergarten round-up/meet and great they handed out flyers for the school Carnival which was on April 12th of this year.  We decided we would take the kids, even though it was during prime nap time for Madiana, and they both had a blast.  I am sure we will do it again next year as it will be even more exciting for Brecken as he will know some of the other kids running around in addition to a neighbor girl.  The only thing we should have done in hindsight was to buy a wristband for Brecken so he could have played unlimited games instead of only a couple handfuls based on the number of tickets we bought.

IMG_9581 IMG_9589

IMG_9579 IMG_9576

IMG_9612 IMG_9606 IMG_9603 IMG_9600  IMG_9588 IMG_9585


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