Christmas Fun!

We’ve had a BUSY Christmas break so far….. And we’re not done yet!  We’ve spent the bulk of our time in Iowa, driving back and forth to different places.  I’d be lying if I said we won’t be glad to make it back home, but we’ve enjoyed spending time with everyone while here!

Here are pictures from our adventures!

Christmas Eve…… After Santa stopped at our house!

IMG 6342

The kids looked confused as they walked into the living room Christmas Day 🙂

IMG 8213

MN Wild socks!

IMG 8219


IMG 8220

Time for stockings!

IMG 8228

Santa even brought Mommy fun things!!  Personalized notecards, an IPhone case, and a necklace of the state of Iowa…

IMG 8242

Madiana LOVED her new chopsticks!

IMG 8259

Brecken was excited that Santa brought him the Batman Cave and Wonder Woman jet!

IMG 8266


Reading our note from O’Kottie the elf…… We won’t see him again until next year!

IMG 8271


Madiana spent much of Christmas morning playing with her many new dolls!!

IMG 8277



IMG 8309


IMG 8305

New pillowcases from Grandma!!IMG 8336

IMG 8338


More presents!

IMG 8343


IMG 8329

IMG 8359

IMG 8326


Hot chocolate after our sledding fun!IMG 8382

IMG 8373

IMG 8363



We have tried to create some new traditions and memories, to help us survive the holidays without Mom.  This year, we held our first ever Gott Family Ugly Sweater contest!  We had fun planning and preparing for the day and the guys and their shaving experiments kept us in constant wonder if what we would see next!!  Aren’t we beautiful??

IMG 8538

IMG 8541

Papa and the grandkids

IMG 8467

More ugly sweater fun!

IMG 8485

IMG 8526

IMG 8530


IMG 8531


Time for presents!

IMG 8558


IMG 8567

IMG 8570

IMG 8575

IMG 8584

I am POSITIVE Mom would have never allowed this welcome mat, but Dad sure was happy about it!

IMG 8611

A big thanks to Dad (and Eric) for organizing the most amazing gift…. A necklace full of writings from MOM!  This is a very special gift that I will always treasure!!

IMG 8599

Photo 1


Some late night sibling loving as we tried to settle them for a movie!

IMG 8621

IMG 8632

Madiana and her doggies 🙂

IMG 8662


NEXT STOP:  Back to Nevada, Iowa to spend the night with Grandma & Grandpa Walker and then NYE with the Fulkersons.  Stay tuned!!!

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