Updates from the past week

December 11, 2013:

It has been a busy past week with a movie at the movie theater, building things at Home Depot, meeting Santa, Christmas Parties, Skating on the “backyard pond,” swimming and (sadly) a sick kid.

Last week April had a day off of work and decided to pick Brecken up early from school and surprise him with the movie “Frozen”.
photo 1

Then Thursday night after we put the kids to bed it was finally time for the adults to test out our Backyard Ice Rink.
20131211-205007.jpg 20131211-205018.jpg

Saturday we took the kids to the Home Depot Kids workshop where they built a Tic-Tack-Toe game.
photo 2

Also, while there they got to meet Santa for the first time this year.  I think Madiana was really excited about this.

After that we went to a work Christmas party where the kids had a good time.
20131211-205623.jpg 20131211-205645.jpg

Then we again got to see Santa and Madiana was still really excited.
photo (1) photo

Sunday was the first time we took Brecken out on the ice and he couldn’t have been more excited.  Unfortunately, we spent a good amount of our time on the Ice clearing the snow off, but in the end we still had fun.  Here are some pictures and videos from the day:

1465120_10152127068941660_1335317478_n 1468634_10152127068931660_346347956_n

Brecken on the Backyard Pond practicing his shooting:

Sliding around on the Ice

Next a quick update on Brecken swimming.  He has continued to improve on his swimming skills and has been participating ever since those couple of times where he wasn’t into it.  Below is a couple of videos from this past week:

Really long way to swim –

Now you’re probably thinking… What has Madiana been up to lately?  Well, little girl got sick over the weekend so has been keeping it very low key and only just went back to Daycare today for the first time.  Below is a video of Madiana singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” one of the days she was at home.  Also, there are some photos of her.

1458663_10152126065486660_1939918538_n 20131211-203431.jpg
20131211-203408.jpg photo 5


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