The start of the birthday festivities…

Brecken wanted to go to a “fire restaurant where they cook food and throw it in your mouth” for his birthday, so we went to a Japanese Steakhouse here in town.  We went to one over Thanksgiving in Iowa and Brecken has mentioned it periodically since then, so we decided to seize the opportunity for his special weekend.Brecken thinks the fire part is SO cool!

Watching the “baker make us food.”  B kept asking, “What are you making now?” and “Why are you doing that?”  I’m sure the guy LOVED us!  🙂

Brecken was SOOOO excited to have Michael & Julia (and Auntie Jill of course!) come out for his special birthday dinner!

Mastering his chop sticks…. Check out the pile of rice he managed to get into his mouth!!

Brecken trying to catch a piece of flying broccoli in his mouth….. SO FUNNY!

…. He caught it with his EYE!

Brecken copies WHATEVER Michael says or does.  He loves him sooooo much 🙂

After B went to bed tonight, Eric and I blew up several balloons to sneak into his room and I put streamers up on his door.  I’m excited to see his reaction in the morning!  🙂

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