Steriod Shots are complete!

Eric’s 28th birthday is today and it wasn’t such a fun way to spend the
day πŸ™ After working all day, Eric came home to get me and drive me to the hospital for my second dose of the steroid shots needed to rapidly develop Junior’s lungs. The shot hurt a lot worse tonight than last night for some reason, but I know my short pain will be well worth it in the end. While hooked up to the fetal monitors before the shot, the nurse had us watch a video on pre-term labor. We both agreed that it was more scary than hopeful, but a realistic look at what we might be up against I guess. Might as well be as prepared as possible, and hopefully the preparation will all be for nothing!!!

The nurse tonight again stressed that the next four weeks are critical. I’m hoping that by being on complete bed rest, Junior will stay put and it will be week 28 in no time! Not that we’ll be in the “safe zone” at week 28 but certainly a milestone we would like to reach before we meet Junior!

We have to share one funny story from all of our trips to the MAC (Maternal Assessment Center) at the hospital. Every time we go in, I get hooked up to the fetal monitor and EVERY TIME Junior absolutely HATES it! He starts kicking and kicks so hard that I can see him kicking through my stomach (like my stomach actually moves!!) and it makes a big noise on the monitor. The nurses occasionally have to come in and restructure the little sensors and we all get a good laugh how Junior doesn’t like to feel restricted. It’s funny how he already has quite the personality! Here is a picture of Junior and his favorite machine πŸ™‚ Notice how I don’t get overly excited about the pictures– Eric entertains himself my pulling out his phone camera every time though. Hey, whatever helps to pass the time!

Contractions came pretty consistently today, about 2-3 every hour… Despite the fact that I didn’t move from bed today, which I thought would maybe make them a little less πŸ™

One thought on “Steriod Shots are complete!

  1. Junior-Grandpa & Grandma Gott are looking forward to meeting you but it seems like you’re getting too anxious to meet us. We hope you can cuddle up inside mommy for a while longer before you come out into this big world.

    April, you are finding out early the sacrifices you make as a parent and how you’ll do anything for your child. We are proud of you for staying positive through all this and keeping a good attitude.

    Eric, Happy Birthday today! We know you have a big responsibility right now keeping up with your job and taking care of things at home. We know April is in good hands-hang in there.

    We love you,
    Dad and Mom Gott

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